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Mafia: Definitive Edition for Windows

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Rise through the ranks of the Mafia

Mafia: Definitive Edition is a complete remake of the original action game and is the centerpiece of the Mafia: Trilogy bundle. The game tells the story of Tommy Angelo, a Lost Heaven cab driver who becomes enamored with life in organized crime after an opportune brush with the Italian Mafia. It's the same enthralling story from the 2002 game, but fully remade and expanded, with beautiful presentation including stunning new visuals and an original orchestral score.

What does Mafia: Definitive Edition include?

The missions you take on after joining a Mafia family are the same as those that Tommy in the first game; however, the experience is different because of the new vehicle management, cover system, motorcycles, and melee combat. Mafia: Definitive Edition is more accessible than the original version by design, but there are difficulty settings to suit new players and experienced mafiosos alike.

This is particularly consistent with the most testing Classic Difficulty setting, which fuses various old fashioned Mafia highlights. In another gesture to Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven, this incorporates a Free Ride mode that lets you investigate the map as you quest for concealed collectibles and privileged insights at your own movement; the thought is that it permits players to investigate Lost Heaven openly with no mission targets. 

It's a chance to look at the vistas around the city, test-drive vehicles, discover collectibles, and perhaps reveal a couple of insights. To open the Free Ride mode, you should simply finish the primary mission. You'll wind up at Salieri's Bar so you can get to your garage. The most devoted players may locate a couple of unlockables as a prize for following a path of obscure hints. 

New and improved Mafia game

Mafia: Definitive Edition is similar to the original release of the game as it sticks near its source material. It offers a stunning story that includes some strong and constant interaction while carrying the designs into the current standards of videogames today. Overall, it delivers an experience that the 2002 version cannot offer and makes it a worthwhile game to play.


  • Action-packed plot
  • Various difficulty settings
  • Employs open-world environment


  • Suited for fans of the original game


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Mafia: Definitive Edition


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